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Another investor in Lubelskie Region

Monday, October 31, 2016



Janów Investment Zone „Borownica” has gained another investor. The company ZINKPOWER WSCHÓD Sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Szczecin has become the formal owner of a plot, the authenticated deed was signed on the 17th of October 2016 in Janów Lubelski.  The investment is scheduled to be finished by the end of the year 2017.

Nowa inwestycja w Lubelskie

ZINKPOWER WSCHÓD Sp. z o.o. has obtained an authorisation to conduct business activities in the Janów Lubelski economic subzone of the Tarnobrzeg Special Economic Zone EURO- PARK WISŁOSAN.  The new enterprise is part of one of the world’s leading groups offering hot dip galvanising, Kopf Holding GmbH. This company operates on Polish market since 2005. The value of the investment is estimated at around 33 million Polish zlotys. During the first phase of the operations, the company shall employ at least 45 employees, gradually increasing this number in subsequent years.

The project was carried out by Lubelskie province – Business Lubelskie team and the Municipal Office of Janów Lubelski. The exemplary investor service process in the region carried out since February 2016 has quickly brought results. In April, the investor made the decision to choose our province as a place for their next investment in Poland. 


Nowa inwestycja w Lubelskie

Visualisation of the investment of the company ZINKPOWER WSCHÓD Sp. z o.o.