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EXPO Dubai 2020

Monday, July 22, 2019

The second edition of the Partnership Program accompanying Poland's participation in the World Expo EXPO 2020 in Dubai has started!

The competition will last until 27th September, 2019.

In order to meet the expectations of Polish companies that would particularly like to participate in Poland's participation in EXPO 2020 in Dubai, a commercial partnership program for private companies was created.

For the first time we are focusing on presenting companies that have real export potential on the UAE and Middle East markets. This is the first undertaking of this type in the whole history of Poland's participation in World Exhibitions EXPO Dubai 2020, which engages companies as Sponsors, Sponsors of Events, Partners of the Polish Pavilion Equipment, and Partners of Trade Events.

Recruitment for the Program is organised as a competition. The first competition ended in December 2018, and as a result, we managed to establish commercial cooperation with over 40 companies that will co-create Poland's participation in the World Exposition EXPO 2020.

Considering the diversity of Poland's involvement in the presence at the EXPO 2020 in Dubai, we prepared a diversified partnership offer for companies that will be able to participate in financing and organizing of various initiatives, and at different levels of financial commitment.

The second edition of the Partnership Program provides four categories of Partnership:

  • Pavilion's equipment, including office and catering facilities
  • Accompanying events.
  • Industry accompanying events.
  • Special partnership

Details of the recruitment process can be found at: