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[LIVE BLOG] Lubelskie in Nevada

Friday, July 13, 2018

What is Lubelskie Voivedeship doing in Nevada?

We are paving the way for start-ups from the Lubelskie region, meeting with the State’s administration, taking part in B2B and B2G meetings and continuing to support the development of Lubelskie’s companies and institutions.



nlab acceleration bridge lubelskie nevada misja gospodarcza

13th July 2018

We are back already, but Nevada is still talking about us. We just couldn’t not share these with you!






12th July 2018

On our last day, we met with the Mayor of Las Vegas. We were accompanied by the irreplaceable Honorary Consul of Poland in Las Vegas,  John Petkus. We are heading back home full of fresh ideas, geared up and ready to work. We also have a few success stories to share, but we will write about it later. See you soon!




11th July 2018

Our visit was also mentioned by the Governor of Nevada, Brian Sandoval



Start-ups from Lubelskie also express their satisfaction




But it wasn’t just start-ups ;)



We also met with Greg Mosier, Dean of Business College of University of Nevada in Reno (UNR College of Business), Sam Males, Director of Nevada Small Business Development Center and other department representatives of the University




10th July 2018

First meetings are over! On Sunday, we visited Jarosław Łasiński, Consul General of Poland in Los Angeles. Monday started with a series of constructive B2G meetings. In Reno’s inNEVation Center, we discussed our joint acceleration programme for start-ups. Moments later we met with Brian Sandoval, the Governor of Nevada in Carson City. We finished the day by chairing a networking seminar in AdamsHub, where we talked about Nevada-Lubelskie relations.






9th July 2018

Some people just can’t wait to meet us!


Consulate of Poland in Las Vegas mentions Biznes Lubelskie on Twitter. A busy, special week ahead, indeed!


7th July 2018

We’re packed and ready to fly!



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