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Free Time


The Lubelskie voivodeship is also an excellent place to relax and visit. The region can be proud of its numerous unique natural areas such as:

•             2 national parks: Polesie National Park, Roztocze National Park,

•             17 landscape parks,

•             17 protected nature areas,

•             87 nature reserves,

•             67 intimate lakes (Łęczna-Włodawa Lakeland).


Leisure and relax in close contact with nature are provided by hundreds of agritourism farms specialised in manufacturing traditional products, regional cuisine, hose-riding schools, fisheries, canoeing trips or bicycle races. Region is rich in numerous bike and horse-riding trails and offers skiing and canoeing options.

The Lubelskie voivodeship is also an ideal spot for a relaxing family weekend. Attractions for children include the Zamość zoo, as well as the ZOOM of Nature Leisure Park near Janów Lubelski, and the Magic Gardens near Janowiec.


Over 350 km of the so-called „GreenVelo Eastern Bicycle Trail” runs through the Lubelskie voivodeship. This is the longest bicycle route in Poland. Along the trail, there are numerous recreational spots, rooms for rent, catering points, and biker service centres.

The Lubelskie cuisine is also worth trying. The region’s focus is on traditional food, and the Lubelskie voivodeship is the only place to try a certified "cebularz" (yeast bread with onion topping), Biłgorajski piróg (Biłgoraj dumplings), or sękacz podlaski (a traditional spit cake of Podlasie).

Apart from its rich natural resources, the Lubelskie voivodeship features a number of spots and monuments connected with various cultures and religions. The most important ones are Zamość – the perfect Renaissance city from the UNESCO World Heritage List, and the Holy Trinity Chapel in the Lublin Castle – a world-class monument, a combination of Gothic architecture with Russian and Byzantine paintings.

The Lubelskie region is a place where there is always something going on – festivals, fairs, bazaars, culinary and other cultural events – the resource is rich and verasitle.

Selected Cultural Events: