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We have opened over 50 temporary and permanent employment offices and on-site facilities. Our local representatives operate close to our large clients, in nearly 30 cities on the territory of our country. Thanks to this expansion, the employers and potential employees have an easy access to our services. To meet our customers’ expectations, we offer a full range of services and the best practices. We always look for an individual approach to each client because we treat human resources as the greatest good of the company. We offer help and advice in the field of Human Resources and we guarantee that we will execute any order.

Produkty i usługi: The company offers foreign solutions with regard to: · Recruitment and selection of permanent staff , · Recruitment of temporary staff , · Outsourcing of functions in the field of personnel management, · Direct search for key professionals, managers and executives (Direct & Executive Search), · Support of staff through the office located at the customer’s premises (On-site Management), · International Recruitment, · The review and evaluation of candidates (Assessment Center), · Assessment of the employees, determining the potential and direction of development (Development Center), · Outplacement program, · Advice on human resources, · Management and coordination with other personnel providers (Master Vendoring), · Testing the employee prior the employment on a permanent basis (Try & Hire), · Manual and online testing.
Dane do kontaktu: +48 81 532 33 66 +48 81 531 87 10 ,r. Grzegorz Banach Branch Manager +48 81 532 33 66 Ms. Beata Bąk Recruitment Specialist +48 723 193 100
Branża: Usługi pozostałe
Kraj: Polska
Miejscowość: ul. Peowiaków 10/1, 20-007 Lublin
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