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Aliplast is one of the European market leaders in the development, marketing and distribution of high quality
aluminium systems for windows, doors, sliding elements, curtain walls, winter gardens and roof systems. Aliplast is an aluminium systems company signifi cantly investing in firms   located in France, China, Egypt and in the United Kingdom.
Alipast strives to achieve an increase in comfort and architectural value of a building by providing high-quality
aluminium systems. This   involves the co-operation of our research & development, marketing and distribution departments. We offer
effective tailor-made solutions to create positive relationship with our customers and partners during the construction process.

Produkty i usługi:  Aluminium system for windows, doors, sliding elements, curtain walls, roof systems.
Dane do kontaktu: +48 81 745 50 30 +48 81 745 50 31
Branża: Produkcja i przetwórstwo metali
Kraj: Polska
Miejscowość: Lublin,Wacława Maritza 3
Strona internetowa: