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CARSYSTEM-WSCHOD is one of the largest Polish distribution companies specializing in car refinish products and industrial coatings. We always work closely with our customers to provide them not only with the best quality products at the best price but also with the best customer service experience possible. Not only do we sell our products, but also help to create sales strategies for our clients. We grow only due to our fast growing distributors.
CARSYSYSTEM-WSCHOD offers a wide variety of goods from typical car refinish products like putties, clearcoats and primers to more complex like paint mixing systems. We sell products not only from well known major brands like Cromax (DuPont ), 3M, Sunmight and Roberlo, but also from smaller but well-developed companies like Walcom and IVAT. We have been working very hard to develop our own line of products for the last 23 years. At the moment we have two succesful private labels: REDCAR (for car refinish products) and DDCARS (for car refinish products and for body shop tools). We also create private labels for our distributors. Our marketing department helps them establish proper brand identity and build a line of car refinish products that will succeed in their specific market.

Produkty i usługi: Car refinish products and industrial coatings.
Dane do kontaktu: +48 81 825 44 96, +48 81 825 44 92,
Branża: Handel hurtowy i detaliczny
Kraj: Polska
Miejscowość: 23-210 Kraśnik, al. Niepodległości 7b
Strona internetowa: