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Glass Factory ‘Marta 2’ was established in 1996 with the use of private capital. We focus on producing high quality goods from sodium glass using a handshaping method. Having great experience, we have created a few thousands patterns of glassware. We can also produce own customers’ designs on request. We invite to cooperate with us. Our online catalogue is a place where potential customers can find the best items we manufacture. These are: vases, bowls, wine glasses, tumblers, fruit bowls, carafes, candlesticks, beer mugs, jugs and also a lot of glassware for florists. We dispatch our goods to many countries especially in Europe. We would like to give our potential customers a new look on glass market, where our priorities are the highest care of manufacturing and high quality handicrafts made by our glassblowers. The aim of Marta 2 Factory is customers’ satisfaction. 

Produkty i usługi: Handmade glassware such as: vases, bowls, tumblers, wine glasses, candleholders, etc.
Dane do kontaktu: +48 82 563 24 16 +48 82 545 10 30 Ms. Katarzyna Ożóg Assistant of the Board +48 82 563 24 16
Branża: Przemysł chemiczny, farmaceutyczny i kosmetyczny
Kraj: Polska
Miejscowość: 64 Jagiellońska Street, 22-100 Chełm
Strona internetowa: