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Gricard - Poland was established in 2005. Our goal is to create products for professionals who deal with professional cleaning. Based on many years of experience in the industry and several years of tests on the premises, we have produced a range of products under the brand name - GRITE. GRITE is a product of modern formula - its composition and technical parameters are chosen in such a way that the user feels more comfortable.GRITE is a range of products which constantly improves its quality. GRITE articles are effective and prepared to meet individual needs.Our customers are: schools, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, banks, cleaning companies.
We supply the cleaning products such as:
• professional chemicals,
•  dispensers and consumables (soap, toilet paper, paper towels),
•  cleaning equipment (machines, vacuum cleaners, cleaning carts, mops).

Produkty i usługi: Cleaning products under the band name: GRITE.
Dane do kontaktu: +48 81 441 54 52, +48 81 441 54 52,
Branża: Handel hurtowy i detaliczny
Kraj: Polska
Miejscowość:  20-340 Lublin, ul.Garbarska 16
Strona internetowa: