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JMP Flowers is the European leader in growing quality flowers. The company was established in 1977. Family traditions in flower growing go back over half a century. Owing to many years of experience, stable investment programme and continuous perfection of cultivation techniques, our flowers are identified among our clients by the highest quality, outstanding durability and unique beauty. We offer a wide range of different varieties of flowers – about 60 varieties of roses, 40 varieties of anthurium and several dozen of potorchids, including many novelties. Our roses remain fresh for about 2 weeks, anthurium from 3 to 5 weeks and potted flowers – orchids may be continuously enjoyed 6 months a year or even more. Our greenhouses are ranked among the most modern ones all over the world. It provides the best quality of our flowers and makes them available to our customers throughout the year, even in the winter, which is considered a great advantage. 

Produkty i usługi: Rose, anthurium and orchids grower.
Dane do kontaktu: +48 81 888 95 85 +48 81 888 95 63 Mr. Wojciech Wegrzynek Sales Manager +48 512 948 623
Branża: Rolnictwo i przetwórstwo rolno-spożywcze
Kraj: Polska
Miejscowość: Stężyca ul. Zielona 48
Strona internetowa: