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Komandor company is a leading world-wide producer of sliding door systems. Our company was the first of its kind to introduce and promote complete interior design solutions with sliding door systems. During 20 years of experience we have developed production lines and prefabrication plants,and we have introduced new products onto the market. The offer of our company is extremely broad. We are mainly known for the production of cabinets with sliding doors. We are also the contractors of furniture for offices, hotels, schools,institutions and a wide range of free-standing furniture. Confronting the expectations of the hotel market, Komandor company prepared a wide offer of comprehensive furniture for hotels, guest houses and holiday homes. Taking into consideration your unique demands, our qualified designers can prepare tailored projects and create a distinctive style of your interior. Apart from our standard hotel collections, we realize individual arrangements at the customer’s request.Years of experience in the worldwide furniture industry have given Komandor the opportunity to expand its production to office furnishings. Komandor can help you increase the prestige of your company with an attractive sliding door system, modern work desks and laptop stands, bookcases, file cabinets, conference tables, reception areas and canteen furniture. Our new product is a movable partition walls system. It is the most technologically advanced product which is especially useful for public facilities, e.g. hotels, offices, business centres, conference halls and lecture halls.The Polish system of movable partition walls is a product recommended for entities who need to divide space in a short time.Thanks to our constant investment in machinery, the factory is able to create furniture which refers to different styles and needs.

Produkty i usługi: Sliding wardrobes, tailor-made furniture, furniture for hotels and office, movable partition walls.
Dane do kontaktu: +48 81 441 84 05, +48 81 441 84 05 ext 24,
Branża: Budownictwo i architektura
Kraj: Polska
Miejscowość:  20-445 Lublin, ul. Zemborzycka 57b
Strona internetowa: