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PAIZ Konsulting Sp. z o.o. has been providing training and consulting services for medium and large enterprises for almost 20 years. To this day almost 10.000 employees from over 900 companies from all over Poland and other European countries have participated in its open trainings and seminars. PAIZ trainers and consultants have designed and delivered custom-made solutions to employees of over 100 companies in the following subject areas: interpersonal skills, sales and customer care, telemarketing, managerial skills, negotiation skills, human resources management and development, time management, train the trainer, quality management. PAIZ is a partner and sole representative in Poland of the international training company WILSON LEARNING, operating in 31 countries worldwide. PAIZ is also a partner and sole representative of the international training company Barnes and Conti in Poland. According to 2000 research by the independent research center DATA GROUP, PAIZ was listed 17 among the most recommended by clients training companies in Poland. In 2002 and 2003 PAIZ received ‘Top Quality Training Deliverer’ awards.

Produkty i usługi:  Trainings, consulting services, the EU funded project management.
Dane do kontaktu: +48 81 533 51 48 +48 81 534 51 59 +48 81 533 51 48 Mr. Artur Mazurek CEO +48 81 533 51 48 +48 81 534 51 59 Ms. Katarzyna Mitrut Vice-President +48 81 533 51 48 +48 81 534 51 59
Branża: Nauka, edukacja i biotechnologia
Kraj: Polska
Miejscowość: ul. Północna 129., 20-818 Lublin
Strona internetowa: