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Rabarbar is a brand of Bialcon established in 2010 by its current CEO and the Head of Design Department, Barbara Chwesiuk. Rabarbar has its flagship stores in major Polish cities. Its clothes are also distributed via the Internet as well as by some agents abroad. The production process is held exclusively in Poland and is distinguished due to its originality of design, great attention to detail and the use of traditional techniques. Rabarbar collections satisfy the needs of self-confident fashionable women who like to mix conventions and styles. The brand’s colourful collections are known for the craft smanship of design, folk elements, handmade accessories and embellishments. Rabarbar is also committed to the issues of ecology, preserving local traditions and fair trade rules.

Produkty i usługi: Clothes, jewellery, and accessories such as shoes, bags, scarves.
Dane do kontaktu: +48 83 344 34 51 +48 83 344 34 52 Mr. Jakub Chwesiuk Head Of Marketing Department +48 601 316 633
Branża: Usługi pozostałe
Kraj: Polska
Miejscowość: ul. Brzeska 37, 21-500 Biała Podlaska
Strona internetowa: