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Soil stabilization is the process of thoroughly mixing the ground with the optimum moisture content and a hydraulic binder to obtain the strength required parameters.Using stabilization technology we can receive substructure: supporting, essential and improved substrate.
• stabilization with cement, • stabilization with lime, •stabilization of fly ash, • stabilization with: Silment, Teramix, Lipidur, Tefra, • chemical stabilization with EN1 STABILIZATION IN PLACE (IN SITU ). The advantage of stabilization in place is that it allows to reduce the cost of transporting the mineral material. The stabilization is done using self-propelled mixing machines and spreading binders by specific laboratory prescriptions.
This process consists of the following steps:
 -  developing recipes and methods of construction stability,
 - dispensing an appropriate amount of binder,
 - mixing all the components of the process,
 -  alignment  and  final compaction using graders and rollers

Produkty i usługi: Soil stabilization with cement, lime, and fly ash.
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