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SIM engineering company is a designer and manufacturer of professional digital voice recorders designed to record phone conversations held on PSTN, IP, and GSM networks as well as radio communications together with complete signal analysis. The devices have been designed in such a way that they can work as stand-alone units as well as in dedicated, corporate, multi-modular systems. The outstanding reliability of our solutions guarantee the integrity  of the recordings and the quality  of the recordings is verifi ed by independent phonoscopy experts identify ing the speakers, making it possible for our devices to meet strict security requirements,saving and storing of data along with their proven accuracy. SIM is also a producer of DOMATIQ. Automation system DOMATIQ has been developed as a universal tool for providing the householder with comfort as well as monitoring and optimising the costs of energy and utility  consumption. Our products off er virtually unlimited possibilities for managing electrical appliances, heating systems, air conditioning,ventilation, and lighting.

Produkty i usługi: Offered products/services:Complex solutions within the telecommunications and IT domains, we are a manufacturer of tactical solutions for call logging on almost all ty pes of lines (analogue, digital, IP), we are a constructor and a manufacturer of BMS and BEMS systems. Our system DOMATIQ is advanced solution for intelligent building automation.
Dane do kontaktu: +48 81 718 78 50 +48 81 718 78 09
Branża: Maszyny, urządzenia, elektryka i automatyka
Kraj: Polska
Miejscowość: Lublin, ul. Stefczyka 34
Strona internetowa: