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TABAL has been operating on the market since 1990.
We provide complex treatment of aluminum and steel.
For many years, we have been cooperating with the largest European steelworks,
we conduct wholesale trade of non-ferrous metals, aluminum and highly alloyed steel.
We also deliver a complete system of aluminum profiles.
We have our own, the most advanced powder paint shop in the country.

We offer our contractors full assortment of non-ferrous metals,
among others, bronze, brass, copper and aluminum, perforated metal sheets, stainless
and acid-resistant steel, as well as structural plastics.

Our construction department designs solutions that can be implemented in
the construction of machines, devices and complete technological lines.
Thanks to experience, as well as a team of excellent engineers and constructors,
we deliver only top class products.

Meeting the demand of clients and of the market, we systematically supplement our offer
with new assortment of goods, preserving care for their top quality
and raising constantly the quality of provided services.

In 2009, we expanded our business activities
by production of complex fencing systems under the brand of TABAL TECHFENCE.
We offer a complete range of fencing panels solutions.
Application of the latest available technologies of steel and aluminum treatment
and a modern stock of machine tools guarantee top quality of the offered products.

Produkty i usługi: - complex services for acid-resistant steel and non-ferrous metals, - CNC milling and machining, - production of embossed and engraved plates, - waterjet cutting, - system of aluminum profiles, - production of fencing panels,
Dane do kontaktu: Karol Daniel
Branża: Produkcja i przetwórstwo metali
Kraj: Polska
Miejscowość: Lublin
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