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Oferty firm zagranicznych

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ERA-MIN 2 Call – Exploration. Looking for a mining company or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) provider 


Spanish SME leader in chemical analysis is preparing a proposal for ERA-MIN 2 on the subtopic 1 “Supply of raw materials from exploration and mining” - 1.1 Exploration. The main objective of the project is to develop an innovative, portable platform for mineral ore exploration (Ni, Zn, Cu, Fe) based in the detection of a characteristic vapour emanated from ores. Potential partners are Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) providers or mining/exploration companies. ERA-MIN 2 deadline is 5th May 2017 

25/04/2017 Materiały i usługi budowlane

Spanish company seeks gas manufacturers for food, winery, refrigeration and medicine industry for a manufacturing agreement. 


A Spanish Industry gas distribution company, based in Mallorca, is eager to deal with high quality gas manufacturing experts and obtain manufacturing agreements. The company provides Industrial gases for the food, beverage and medical industry. Gases produced and distributed are for example oxygen, nitrogen, argon, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, acetylene, nitrous oxide, gas mixtures, high purity gases, medical gases, food gases and gaseous helium. 

14/02/2017 Spożywcza

A Serbian company engaged in the production and supplying of spices is looking for a joint venture partner to supply HORECA group (Hotel/Restaurant/Café) with spices and packaging. 


A Serbian company currently engaged in the import, production, packaging, supplying of spices, and catering equipment is looking for a joint venture partner to supply HORECA group (Hotel/Restaurant/Café) with novel spices, cooking solutions, and improved/new packaging. The company is a pioneer on the Serbian market and is looking for an experienced and reliable foreign partner with innovative solutions for kitchens and catering.

16/03/2017 Spożywcza

Eureka: seeking heavy duty truck and passenger vehicle manufacturers for a project on maintenance of automotive powertrain 


Based in Istanbul / Turkey, Turkish company defines itself as the partner and specialized in data processing, data security with various vertical applications. Acronymed "PRE-EMPT"under Celtic Plus call, the project is about targeting the issue of "Preventive Maintenance in Automotive Powertrain". The company is looking for project partners under research cooperation agreement. They seek vehicle manufacturers to apply the developed mathematical models and optimise the data set.

27/03/2017 Pojazdy i maszyny/maszynowa

French company is looking for a foldable and/or electric foldable bike manufacturer 


French company specialized in retailing boat and sailor equipments is looking for a bicycles manufacturer that could supply foldable bicycles and/or electric foldable bicycles of its own brand (Original Equipment Manufacturer), under a manufacturing agreement.

03/04/2017 Pojazdy i maszyny/maszynowa, Sprzęt elektroniczny i elektryczny

Healthy snackings, certified organic with the possibility of private label development, are required for distribution in France. 


A French company, already engaged in organic beverages, is looking for new European partners such as manufacturers, retailers or distributors of healthy and organic snacking (vegetable and fruit chips, raw chocolate bars, fruit bars) with private label, in order to distribute them in France.

11/04/2017 Spożywcza

A SME from Northern Swedish Lapland is looking for a partner for a manufacturing agreement for production of their premium beer products 


The SME, a small brewery located in Northern Swedish Lapland, develops and produces premium beer products inspired by season, local flavours and the northern spirit. Their product range includes a wide variety of beer styles, everything from IPA (Indian Pale Ale) to adaptations of wild yeast styles such as gose or lambic. All products are developed locally. The SME is looking for a manufacturing agreement with a professional brewery that could manufacture the SME's premium beer products.

24/04/2017 Spożywcza

A Chinese company is looking for pneumatic rubber fender distributors in Europe market 


A Chinese company is specialized in manufacturing pneumatic rubber fender products since 2003. Fender can be used on terminal or ship edge to reduce the huge impact during the mooring process, it can effectively prevent the ship and terminal from damage. Normally it was been made by rubber products. Now, they are looking for rubber fender distributors on the European market via a distribution agreement.

09/05/2016 Inne usługi, Sektor morski, lotniczy

A company from Bosnia and Herzegovina dealing with the printing industry is looking for trade intermediary services  


Bosnian company, specialized in the printing industry, is offering the following products: graphic prepress and editing, sheet print (offset), reel print (web), bindery, business gifts, school books due to trade intermediary services.The company wants to expand its portfolio in different markets: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, Denmark,Sweden, Norway, Netherlands and UK. It is looking for trade intermediary services (distributors) for its products and commercial agency agreements

24/06/2016 Opakowania, papier, Reklamowa, filmowa

Handles and knobs for furniture are offered by a Spanish (Catalan) manufacturer to distributors, commercial agencies and furniture manufacturers in Mexico. 


A Spanish (Catalan) manufacturer of a wide range of handles and knobs for furniture, made in different materials such as stainless steel and aluminium, is offering its products to distributors and commercial agencies to expand its business in Mexico as well as to manufacturers using in the manufacture of its furniture the products offered by the company, in order to establish a long term agreement.

29/06/2016 Metalowa, Produkty drewniane, meble

Standard off-the-shelf to modular intra-logistic components offered by Portuguese SME via commercial agreements 


A Portuguese company specialized in the design, manufacture and installation of intra-logistic equipment is offering integrated solutions combining standard off-the-shelf with modular components. The company has a vast portfolio of solutions, including automated intermediate storage systems, package distribution systems, vertical transfer systems and conveyors. The company is looking for partners to commercialize their solutions via commercial agency or distribution agreements.

30/06/2016 Komputery i IT

A Turkish engineering company is looking for a subcontractor agreement for municipal infrastructural and environmental services / products. 


Turkish engineering company from Ankara, specialized in the water sector, is offering design / consultancy services as a subcontractor in Turkey. The company completed around 200 projects in Turkey, Azerbaijan, Romania, Syria, and Russia since 1998 and has the ability to reach the key players in the water sector. Collaboration can be handled in various bases wherein both sides can take risk and share the profit.

11/08/2016 Doradztwo i konsultacje, Materiały i usługi budowlane

Italian company expert in plastic materials processing is looking for partners in Switzerland and Germany 


Italian start up active in the field of plastic materials processing is looking for partners to expand its business in Switzerland and Germany. The company offers its services under a manufacturing agreement. 

29/08/2016 Inne usługi

Modified titanium alloys for medical application 


Ukrainian company offers the technology to obtain titanium alloys with improved mechanical and exploration characteristics and refined structure without changes in chemical composition. This institution has made a lot of developments in field of medical application of titanium. Client is looking for co-producers or investors. Joint venture and license agreements are the types of proposed partnership

30/08/2016 Medycyna, Metalowa

Natural vitamin and supplement manufacturer is looking for distributors with experience in the field of medical food products and nutritional supplements from EEMEA regions: Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa.  


A Spanish laboratory with more than 20 years’ experience which manufactures and distributes feed supplements and natural vitamins, through nutraceutical science and technology is looking for distributors with experience in the field of medical food products and nutritional supplements from EEMEA regions: Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa. 

02/09/2016 Spożywcza