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Oferty firm zagranicznych

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Oil hydraulic components for stationary or mobile applications - search for distributors and subcontracting contracts


A German SME, active in the development and production of a broad range of oil hydraulic components for stationary or mobile applications (agricultural and construction machinery) as well as for power plants, is searching for distribution partners for their products. Furthermore the company is searching for manufacturers of machines who are interested in the integration of the offered oil hydraulic components into their products; the SME offers to act as subcontractor.

04/05/2017 Narzędzia i części

Italian small manufacturer of food supplements and cosmetics offers its products to EU distributors


This small Italian company is developing and commercializing food supplements and cosmetics, with the main targets of pharmacies, nutritionists and physicians. It is distributing its products only in Italy and it is now ready to open new markets in Europe, so it is looking for distributors in Europe.

04/05/2017 Spożywcza

Russian manufacturer of hydraulic equipment and equipment for oil industry is looking for distributors and trade agents in EU


The Russian company produces hydraulic equipment, equipment for oil industry and a wide range of spare parts. The company seeks partners abroad to collaborate under commercial agency or distribution services agreement.

04/05/2017 Narzędzia i części, Pojazdy i maszyny/maszynowa

Polish IT company with expertise in developing dedicated software solutions and outsourcing Scrum teams is willing to enter into long-term cooperation


A Polish IT company, specialising in bespoke software solutions in Java would like to establish international, long-term business cooperation with companies from Australia, Canada, USA, New Zealand or the European Union in need of dedicated and customised software solutions. The company not only provides expert software development services but also offers IT body-leasing services.The preferred type of cooperation is either services, outsourcing or subcontracting agreement.

04/05/2017 Komputery i IT

Established Slovak ICT company is offering an application which supports the process of debts collection.


Established Slovak company focused on ICT solutions for databases systems has developed an application which supports the process of debts collection. The application is designed to support the recovery of debts resulting from failures of bank's clients to keep their contractual obligations to the bank. The company is looking for partners to cooperate with via license agreement and/or services agreement.

04/05/2017 Komputery i IT

Provider of diagnostic services, specialized in coding and non-coding ‘ribonucleic acid’ (RNA) biomarker offers a services agreement.


A Belgian company offers expert transcriptome analysis services, including RNA sequencing, qPCR and digital PCR, supported by unique software tools for data-analysis, in an accredited lab. Their RNA biomarker development program offers an end-to-end solution from RNA biomarker panel discovery to the development of a PCR-based molecular diagnostic test and serves as a specialty lab in the field of clinical trials and in routine diagnostic settings. The company is welcoming services agreements.

04/05/2017 Medycyna

Polish software house seeks growing businesses and companies expanding to European markets in need of bespoke software


A Polish IT company specialising in software development and with expertise within e-health and fin-tech applications is looking for cooperation on the basis of services, outsourcing or subcontracting agreements. The ideal partner is a company in need of adjustment of the technology used to the European standards or of a bespoke software solution based upon web, mobile or desktop platform that would be developed and customised in accordance with the client’s requirements.

04/05/2017 Komputery i IT

Polish software development company is looking for outsourcing or services cooperation


A Polish IT company is looking for long-term, international cooperation. The company specialises in customised software development, outsourcing of IT specialists, implementation of identity and access management systems and Salesforce-based applications. The prospective cooperation should be concluded by either services or outsourcing agreement.

04/05/2017 Komputery i IT

Polish advertising company and large format printing-house offers its services abroad


The Polish company, with over ten-years' experience in large printing, Point of Sale (POS) materials, promotional materials, decoration materials and others, is interested in cooperation with foreign advertising agencies and media houses under subcontracting, manufacturing or distribution agreements.

04/05/2017 Inne usługi

French producer of ultrasonic laboratory homogenizers is looking for distribution partners worldwide


A French SME, highly specialized in ultrasonic technologies, produces laboratory equipment for sono-chemistry (degassing, dispersion, cell disruption, homogenization, emulsification, cell lysing, disaggregation of liquid samples). These ultrasonic systems are combined with a software platform (patented in 30 countries) which enables to carry out worldwide remote-assistance on generators and transducers. This SME is looking for established distribution partners in all countries.

05/05/2017 Chemia i kosmetyki/chemiczna, Sprzęt elektroniczny i elektryczny

A digital consulting company dedicated to cultural, leisure and tourism industry offers its services


A French SME is specialised in design and implementation of innovative digital technologies in museum, arts galleries, amusement parks... The company delivers whole technological solutions from the idea to the setting up. The SME offers services agreements to any tourism, leisure and cultural venues willing to modernise through digital tools.

05/05/2017 Komputery i IT

Polish provider of graphene materials is looking for trade intermediaries


A company from Western Poland specialised in manufacturing of high strength metallurgical graphene is looking for trade intermediaries (agents and distributors) as well as partners for a joint venture. The large-area polycrystalline graphene sheets offered by the company are much stronger and durable when compared to other, more widespread types of graphene.

05/05/2017 Materiały i usługi budowlane

Irish design company seeks distribution/manufacturing agreement for Wearable Mobile Phone Stand.


An Irish design company have developed, produced, and are marketing an innovative wearable mobile phone stand and are seeking distributors for this initial product. This is with a view to establishing links to distribution or manufacturing partners for future products released.

08/05/2017 Sprzęt elektroniczny i elektryczny

Innovative boxing bag accessory.


An Irish designer has developed and patented a retrofit device that attaches to any boxing bag effectively turning the bag into a sparring partner that punches back in a genuinely life-like fashion. The developer seeks to license the product to a manufacturing company with a route to market for sporting products, particularly those with training methods involving punch bags. However, the developer is also open to licensing to a manufacturing company with a route to market for children’s toys.

08/05/2017 Nauka/edukacja, Różne inne produkty

Software provider is looking for agents in the UK, Germany and Belgium who already have connections/do business with manufacturing companies


A Dutch SME has developed software which helps companies in the production industry to streamline their sales, order, quotation and production processes. This software helps companies to save time and money as it decreases the transfer from e.g. the information in the order to the manufacturing department. The client is looking for agents mainly in UK, Germany and Belgium, but is open to doing business in other European countries as well.

09/05/2017 Komputery i IT