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Oferty firm zagranicznych

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Integrated platform for animal identification, tracking and anomaly detection


A UK company provides an end-to-end solution for tracking of assets such as animals, and anomaly detection. It combines a variety of third party and proprietary hardware and software and is adaptable to changing needs, such as changes in range, indoor/outdoor, offline/cloud-based, etc. Alerts and visualisation will be highly customised to specific needs. Agricultural but also industrial and transport users are sought for commercial agreements with technical assistance.

07/06/2018 Rolnictwo

A log house manufacturer from Finland is looking for partners in Germany, France and Spain


A Finnish company specialised in individual log construction / log houses is looking for German, French and Spanish partners for cooperation. The company produces quality log houses from slow growing dense pine. The company is looking for an importer and/or reseller for the distributor’s duties as well as log house installers. An ideal importer is also able to provide its customers log house installation and aftercare. The company also offers subcontracting.

08/06/2018 Materiały i usługi budowlane

UK mobile-friendly software enabling water companies to engage customers, encourage water saving and reduce operational costs offers licensing agreements


A UK based company has developed a software for the customer engagement tool for water companies that helps to conserve water, helping to reduce operating costs. The company is looking for a partner operating in the water industry in the EU that would license the software and bring it to the market.

08/06/2018 Komputery i IT, Środowisko/energia/ochrona środowiska

A Japanese university is offering a new technology for polymer synthesis aiming at joint development of new applications


The Japanese university is aiming to achieve joint research, technical cooperation or patent licensing agreements with EU companies so to find new applications for a polymer synthesis technology they have developed. The technology is currently applied in manufacturing of colour materials and they would like to develop it for chemical and resin material manufacturing fields. The main feature is its reduced costs, 1/100, compared to existing technology.

08/06/2018 Chemia i kosmetyki/chemiczna

Development and production of control units for the decentralized sewage treatment with the focus on smart home technology


A Czech family owned SME, a developer and manufacturer of patented solutions, develops control units for decentralized sewage treatment plants with the focus on smart technologies. The company is offering its development and production capacity to companies who need smart, electronic and mechatronic devices. Commercial agreement with technical assistance or services agreement are possible envisaged forms of partnership. 

08/06/2018 Środowisko/energia/ochrona środowiska

Textile design studio seeks commercial agency agreements across Europe to sell to fashion and interior design brands 


A UK design studio of hand-woven textile fabrics is offering commercial agency agreements to companies who have experience in selling designs to high-street, mid-market and high-end brands in the fashion (women and men) and home interior sectors in Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium.

11/06/2018 Tekstylia, ubrania, biżuteria

Advanced driver assistance systems for the automotive industry and mobile machines


A German SME provides technologies for the automation of vehicles. They offer support with complex hard- and software solutions for driver assistance, automated driving and autonomous systems. Furthermore, the automation of mobile machines is another core competence of the company. They look for cooperation agreements with technical assistance.

12/06/2018 Komputery i IT, Transport/logistyka

A Japanese company manufacturing luxury disposable baby diapers is looking for EU distributors and agents


A Japanese manufacturer of disposable baby diapers is looking for distributors and agents in order to expand into the European market. The product complies with European market standards and is aimed at consumers who value exceptional and high quality. The company would like to cooperate with partners who have networks with high-end retailers in the baby products' industry under a distribution or commercial services agreement.

12/06/2018 Różne inne produkty

Dutch non-slip swim sock company is looking for resellers and distributors in Europe


A Dutch company is looking for resellers or distributors in Europe for their non-slip swim sock. The sock will contribute to more safety and fun for kids in and around swimming pools. The sock is not only ideal for children but also for adults and has potential to become a global safety product for the swimming industry. The company is looking for a distribution agreement or commercial agency agreement with resellers and distributors.

14/06/2018 Tekstylia, ubrania, biżuteria

Dutch producer of award winning sustainable cookstoves is looking for business partners


This Dutch company produces a highly efficient solar-biomass cookstove designed to enable more access to energy in emerging markets. This system is considered the cleanest multi-fuel cookstove in the world. The company is looking for partners in Indonesia, Gambia, Ghana, and/or Zambia and is offering a financial agreement or a joint venture agreement.

14/06/2018 Spożywcza

Polish distributor seeks new suppliers of rattan and willow furniture and seagrass decorations


A company from the South Poland region specializes in retail sale of high quality designed products such as rattan and willow furniture would like to find producers, manufacturers and designers, who offer rattan and willow furniture and seagrass home decorations in order to distribute them in the Polish and European market.

30/05/2018 Produkty drewniane, meble

German company seeks European meat, ham, cheese and pasta manufacturers or suppliers for distribution agreement


German food processing company is looking for manufacturers or suppliers of meat, cheese, sausage, ham and pasta from Europe for a long-term distribution agreement. It seeks products that are usually thrown away or destroyed by food producing companies (e.g. end pieces or products shortly before expiration of the "best before" date) to process them and sell in small packages to the retail trade. The company participated in several German funded projects on resource efficiency in food production.

07/06/2018 Spożywcza

Elaboration of paintball game manager system technology


A company from Latvia engaged in paintball game business and supply of equipment to paintball game managers/operators is seeking for technical cooperation agreement to develop joint elaboration of current paintball game manager system technology adding extended functionalities. After development of the technology, the partner should be able to manufacture in small series the elaborated paintball game management equipment.

14/05/2018 Różne inne produkty

A Polish importer specializing in online sale of dietary supplements and foodstuffs is looking for trade intermediary agreements with producers and distributors of such products


A company from Poland is specializing in the import and online sale of dietary supplements and pro-health foodstuffs from all over the world. They are looking for new products to complement their existing exclusive product range. They seek to establish commercial agency and distribution services agreements with producers. Also, they wish to cooperate with distributors of dietary foodstuffs in order to further provide distribution services.

04/06/2018 Spożywcza

A Turkish manufacturer of anatomy and simulated patitent models is looking for a partners manufacturing 


A Turkish manufacturer of anatomy and simulated patitent models is looking for a business partner to design and manufacture injection moulds to be used in rotational moulding, under a manufacturing agreement.

26/04/2018 Medycyna