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Oferty firm zagranicznych

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The Armenian IT company, which has developed software, is looking for partners to cooperate under the services agreement


This Armenian company is specialized in IT solutions. The company has developed an augmented reality (AR) technology for advertising and online shopping industry, as well as high performance big data analysis algorithm for real time statistics and analysis. The company is looking for partners to work under the services agreement.

18/12/2017 Komputery i IT

Spanish company working in powder metallurgy offers its subcontracting services in France and Germany


This Spanish company is active in the manufacture and sale of metal parts according to customer’s specified drawing. The company is looking to expand its activities and offers its production capabilities through subcontracting in France and Germany

19/12/2017 Pojazdy i maszyny/maszynowa

Italian supplier specialized in natural and organic cosmetics is looking for distributors worldwide to establish a distribution agreement.


Italian company specialised in the production of innovative organic cosmetics is looking for partners interested in the importation, promotion and sales of its paraben free skin, body and hair care products. The company offers a distribution services agreement.

19/12/2017 Chemia i kosmetyki/chemiczna

Special spectrophotometer that monitors the dynamics of initiation and reverse phases of photochromic colour change in functional dyes is offered for licesing


Czech university developed a special spectrophotometer that not only analyzes photo chromic change but also measures color transition that identifies environmental dangerous conditions. The external stimuli can be changes in temperature, humidity, pH environment, the concentration of hazardous substances, etc. Measurements and acquisition of experimental data can be realized in remission and transmission mode. The university seeks licensing agreement.

20/12/2017 Inne usługi

Romanian company specialized in plant engineering, procurement and construction seeks partners based on a manufacturing/ services agreement


A Romanian company offers engineering, equipment manufacturing and general contractor services for pipe mill, rolling mill, steelmaking and cement industries. It is highly experienced in implementing complex projects on Romanian/ international markets, offering complete services from project engineering design to turn-key. The company seeks partners worldwide for manufacturing / services / subcontracting agreements, and is open to work as sub-supplier / associate for third market projects

20/12/2017 Inne usługi, Materiały i usługi budowlane

A Korean company developing and manufacturing multi-function IoT locker seeks cooperation partners for commercial agency and distribution services agreements


A Korean IT company established in 2013 is offering multi-function IoT locker. With the application of IoT (Internet of Things) technology, the IoT locker broadens its application to unmanned delivery of parcels. The IoT lockers have been installed at metro stations, public street, apartments, universities, army bases, hotels, and tourist centers and etc. The company seeks cooperation partners for commercial agency and distribution services agreements. 

20/12/2017 Komputery i IT

Smart medication adherence technology 


South West UK SME with expertise in cutting-edge screen technology has developed a smart medication adherence solution which automatically reminds citizens to take medication and can alert medical staff and carers in the event that medication is not taken. The solution increases medication adherence which contributes to better health outcomes and reduces healthcare costs. The company seeks partners interested in licensing the technology. 

20/12/2017 Medycyna

An Italian company, specialized in the manufacture cashmere-made knitwear for men and woman, is searching for foreign partners for distribution services agreements 


The Italian company is specialized in the production of knitwear in cashmere for men and woman. The production is 100 % made in Italy. The company is interested to get in contact with retailers for distribution services agreements. Partners can be from any European Union country.

22/12/2017 Tekstylia, ubrania, biżuteria

Russian distributor of soft isothermal packaging and thermowells seeks distributors


A Russian distribution company specializing in the sale of soft isothermal containers and thermo-vats, designed to provide the necessary temperature conditions during the transportation of products, is looking for partners abroad to conclude a distribution services agreement.

26/12/2017 Opakowania, papier, Transport/logistyka

Innovative Ukrainian IT company is looking for cooperation under outsourcing and services agreements 


The Ukrainian custom software development company is ready to provide innovative software solutions (block chain technologies, mobile Apps, payment solutions, cloud computing, websites, and sales solutions) to EU companies of all development stages and offers outsourcing and services agreements. 

28/12/2017 Komputery i IT

An Israeli company specializes in new adhesive formulations for industrial applications and is looking for distribution services agreement


The Israeli company develops, manufactures and markets polymer-based adhesive formulations. They have developed fire retardant adhesives, mainly (but not only)for the building industry. The company’s fire retardant adhesives correspond with the latest and most severe standards. The adhesives can be customized to meet the customer’s requirements. The target partners are distributors and industrialists. The company seeks distribution services and joint venture agreements. 

28/12/2017 Materiały i usługi budowlane, Różne inne produkty

Company specialized in plastic injection and moulds offers its services under manufacturing agreement


Belgian company specialised in plastic injection offers potential partners in EU (especially in The Netherlands, France, Luxemburg, Germany) to design their parts and/or their moulds, to produce those moulds; the company also offers plastic injection, assembly and logistics under manufacturing agreement.

28/12/2017 Różne inne produkty

An Israeli company has developed an innovative environmentally friendly insecticide and is looking for distributors


An Israeli company specializes in development of environmentally friendly pesticide substitute has developed an effective insecticide for use in greenhouses. Advantages over those on the market include its proven performance, non-toxicity, spray ability on any surface, solvent-free, water resistance and cost-efficiency. The targeted partners are distributors and farmers. The company is looking for distribution services agreement. 

28/12/2017 Rolnictwo

Bulgarian producer of high-quality aluminium and PVC (polyvinyl chloride) windows, doors and fixtures is looking for distributors.


Bulgarian manufacturer of high-quality aluminium and PVC (polyvinyl chloride) windows, doors, curtain walls and fixtures is looking to expand their client base by recruiting new distributors (preferably with showrooms) and construction companies interested in installing their high-quality products in different building projects. The company is looking for international distributors and is offering distribution service agreements.

30/12/2017 Materiały i usługi budowlane

Slovenian producer of pneumatic, electro magnets and magnetic systems seeks partners through distribution, commercial or outsourcing agreements


A Slovenian company with more than 15 years of experience in magnetic technology and manipulation and separation industry is looking for partners worldwide via distribution, commercial or outsourcing agreement for their pneumatic, electro magnets or magnetic systems. 

03/01/2018 Różne inne produkty