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French coffee roaster & retail shop is looking for distributors


A French family-run coffee roaster & retailer founded in 1924 in the Landes of Gascony, South-West France, is currently extending his market coverage by teaming up with distribution partners in Europe. Distribution services agreements are sought.

18/07/2017 Spożywcza

A developer and manufacturer of high-quality Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) and selected Finished Dosage Form (FDF) products seeking partnership in global development and marketing of product.


The Israeli company has 30+ years of focus on complex chemistry and uncompromising culture of quality. It offers a variety of tailor-made solutions including: excellent process and analytical development, novel routes of synthesis, material solid state and physical properties design, regulatory expertise, FDF forward integration solutions, Paragraph IV challenge partnerships, contract development & manufacturing services. Looking for partners to help develop and market their product globally.

30/07/2017 Chemia i kosmetyki/chemiczna, Medycyna

An Albanian construction company offers subcontracting services.


An Albanian company highly qualified in residential and industrial construction services is looking for partners in Europe involved in construction activities, to be engaged in subcontracting agreement.

01/08/2017 Materiały i usługi budowlane

An Israeli manufacturer of Oil-on-Water detection and monitoring systems for process control and environmental protection is looking for distributors.


An Israeli company specializes in solutions for early detection & monitoring of oil leaks and spills for various industries. They offer an innovative product for process control and environmental protection. Advantages include high detection quality, no false alarms under harsh conditions, no sensitivity to oil coating etc. Looking for commercial agency, distribution services & services agreement. 

16/08/2017 Środowisko/energia/ochrona środowiska

Serbian company specialized in polyester protection, epoxy polyester protection, and plastification of metal surfaces offers its services


Serbian company is specialized in polyester protection, epoxy polyester protection, plastification of raw aluminum moldings and profiles of any other metal up to 7m length is looking for services agreements. The company is the largest provider of metal protection services in Serbia and has three production plants located next to highway enabling fast handling of various profiles.

03/09/2017 Chemia i kosmetyki/chemiczna, Metalowa

A Serbian producer of soybean cake and full fat soy groats is looking for a distributor of its products


A Serbian producer of full fat soy groats, soybean cake and crude soybean oil for animal feed has been on the market since 2014. The company is interested in finding partners through distribution agreement in order to place its full fat soy groats and soybean cake on foreign markets.

10/10/2017 Rolnictwo

French manufacturer of gold plated jewels, sterling silver and stainless steel is looking for importers or distributors and offer also manufacturing agreement


Established in 1906, this French company has a great experience in the manufacturing of gold plated 14 k, sterling silver 925 and stainless steel jewels . The company has its own range of products but can also as manufacturer produce jewels on demand, under manufacturing agreement. The company has an important international business experience mainly in Africa and would like to develop partnerships with distributors and importers of jewels on new markets through distribution agreements 

11/10/2017 Tekstylia, ubrania, biżuteria

Croatian organic teas and tea blends, ecological tinctures and capsulated plant based products offered for distribution


A Croatian producer of organic tea blends, teas, ecological tinctures (drops) and capsulated plant- based products, is offering its products under a distribution services agreement to partners such as drug stores (wholesale and retail) and healthy food stores and supermarkets that have a healthy food products section. 

19/10/2017 Spożywcza

Ukrainian cyber and IT security company seeks outsourcing and joint venture agreement


A Ukrainian company specializing in cyber and IT security is looking for partners in the cyber security sector in the EU market. The company is interested in outsourcing and joint venture agreements. 

20/10/2017 Komputery i IT

Hungarian producer and seller of functional foods and food-supplements seeks distributors in Europe 


A Hungarian producer and seller of food-supplements and functional foods, such as tinctures, cold pressed seed oils, herbal extracts in oils, lyophilized fruits and high-quality syrups, is looking for distributors to sell its products.

26/10/2017 Spożywcza

Technology for stone conservation


A German SME acting as a consultant in field tests, offers a product line for stone conservation. Consolidation and strengthening of rock can be achieved with a stone hardener. It penetrates easily into the calcite-bound sandstones, limestones or marbles. Small fissures, shale and cracks can be filled as well. The company seeks for technical cooperation and/or manufacturing agreement with partners from industry and research, particularly outside heritage conservation.

26/10/2017 Różne inne produkty

UK-based company seeks distributors for their range of surgical gloves


A UK-based company has developed an innovative range of surgical gloves that offer improved sensitivity and grip while being as strong as and less expensive than currently available products. Having secured a significant share of the UK market, the company is looking to expand into European territories. They are looking for a distribution company with existing relationships with local healthcare providers, preferably those undertaking ophthalmics, to form an effective industrial partnership.

27/10/2017 Medycyna

A Polish IT company specialized in web application development seeks services and subcontracting agreements. 


The Polish IT company is focusing on delivering complex web solutions. The company development team has much experience in producing modern, responsive web applications. The company is looking for service agreement or long-term partnership as a subcontractor, in demanding IT projects.

27/10/2017 Komputery i IT

A French company is specialized in the cleaning of air cooled heat exchanger. It produces permanent systems for refineries, power plant and provide onsite training, setup and cleaning services. It is looking for distribution or services agreements.


Air cooled heat exchanger’s performances are falling down when their fins (finned) are fouled. This company based in North of France with 10 years’ experience, manufactures high pressure cleaning solutions made with metal. The company is seeking distributors or industrials under services agreement located all over the world.

30/10/2017 Inne usługi

Opportunity to partnering in floating offshore wind investment in UK 


A Swedish floating offshore wind power technology company is looking for investment partners in the UK. The company has developed a ground breaking, patented design for floating offshore wind power plants, which have the possibility to reach the cost level of onshore wind. The company is now seeking strategic and investment partners for a demo project in Scotland. The partnership types are financial agreement and/or joint venture agreement. 

31/10/2017 Sektor morski, lotniczy, Środowisko/energia/ochrona środowiska