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Oferty firm zagranicznych

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Optimization of therapeutic oligonucleotide efficacy for the treatment of solid tumours by innovative nanoparticles


A Dutch clinical stage company is developing a new generation of nanomedicines. Their aim is to use their nanoparticle technology to improve the efficacy and safety profiles of current and novel drugs for the treatment of solid tumours. As part of their development strategy, they are looking for a license and/or technical cooperation agreement with academic research labs to exploit their nanoparticles for enhanced tumour targeting of new oligonucleotides with therapeutic potential. 

31/05/2018 Medycyna

UK designer of made-to-order leather bags seeks overseas manufacturer 


This newly established UK manufacturer of bespoke high quality leather bags has developed a range of 12 different styles of handbags which can be highly customised. The company is looking for an experienced overseas manufacturer for long-term manufacturing agreements to produce their current product line.

07/06/2018 Tekstylia, ubrania, biżuteria

British company is looking for a silicone injection manufacturer to produce smartphone hanger under manufacturing agreement


A British company has designed a durable silicone rubber hanger to protect smartphones. The silicone rubber stretched to fit around the top and bottom of the smartphone. The British company is looking for a new silicone manufacturer that works with the silicone injection or compression process to manufacture their mobile rubber under manufacturing agreement. Targeted countries: China, Spain, Turkey, Germany and Poland among others. 

08/06/2018 Różne inne produkty

A Polish company is offering to become a distributor of high quality antistatic/ESD (Electric Discharge) workwear on the Polish market


A Polish company is looking for foreign producers of antistatic/ESD (Electric Discharge) clothing interested in entering the Polish market with their products. Company is offering cooperation under distribution and commercial agency agreements.

24/05/2018 Tekstylia, ubrania, biżuteria

Scottish (UK) SME looking for Silicone manufacturers who offer a fully completed product service under a manufacturing agreement


A Scottish (UK) SME are looking to move their manufacturing back to Europe, having been using services in China for many years. The company are looking for a silicone manufacturer who can provide a fully assembled product. The SME sell over 100,000 units a year currently to the nursery and special needs markets. Cooperation is envisioned under a manufacturing agreement or a technical cooperation agreement.

05/06/2018 Różne inne produkty

A Chinese online store platform is looking for European duvet products (continental quilt) under a distribution agreement


The Chinese e-commerce online store platform is selecting the best products from all over the world for its Chinese customers. Based on their product categories expansion, they are looking for high-quality duvet suppliers from the European market. Potential cooperation could be worked out under a distribution agreement.

28/05/2018 Tekstylia, ubrania, biżuteria

Manufacturer for special nutrition from Italy looking for cooperation with supplier or manufacturer with a production site in India


Italian family-owned company, market leader in gluten free food products and producer of dietetic food for special medical purposes, searches manufacturers/suppliers in the food and cosmetics sectors in India, in particular in Rajasthan, Guajarat or Madhya Pradesh.The partner must have at least one production site in India.Example of products:Spices, food supplements, baby food, Lotions, Shampoo.Possible cooperation: Joint Venture for common purchasing and know-how exchange on the Indian market.

02/05/2018 Spożywcza

Chemical industry know-how sought for further development of digital marketplace for raw materials


A German start-up company set up a digital marketplace combining suppliers and purchasers of different branches and sizes on one intuitive platform for raw materials. The platform is completely independent from chemicals producers and traders. In order to introduce new services and features and to further develop the platform, partners with know-how, experience and contacts in the chemical industry are sought for technical co-operation agreements.

30/05/2018 Chemia i kosmetyki/chemiczna

UK solid-state battery technology company is looking for manufacturing partners


A UK company has developed a patented solid-state battery technology that uses ceramic ion conductor instead of conventional electrolytes. It has distinct benefits over lithium-ion batteries in number of areas, incl. energy efficiency, faster charge and longer life-span. The company is looking for manufacturing partners to transfer their pilot production process into a fabrication plant environment under either a license or manufacturing agreement. 

01/06/2018 Środowisko/energia/ochrona środowiska

A Korean medical equipment company is looking for a distributor for its single-use injection needle for endoscopy


Established by an internal medicine doctor, the Korean medical device company is looking for a European distributor for its single-use injection needle for endoscopy. The needle is used to inject a hardening agent or a vasoconstrictor into a selected area using an endoscope to control current or potential bleeding wound of the digestive system. It is also used to inject saline solution for endoscopic mucosal removal and removal of small polyps (humps) to control hemorrhage of vein.

24/04/2018 Medycyna

A Korean medical company is looking for a distributor for its single-use EUS-FNA (endoscopic ultrasound fine needle aspiration) needle for endoscopy


A Korean medical company is looking for a European distributor for its single-use needle used with an ultrasonic endoscope to detect the submucosal or external wounds of the stomach and intestines by sampling very small parts. The products are available in two types: FNA (endoscopic ultrasound fine needle aspiration) and FNAB (fine-needle aspiration biopsy). Easier aspiration of tissue and cell are enforced and the pricing strategy is very competitive compared to other global brands.

24/04/2018 Medycyna

The N-IF mouse - a novel and unique spontaneous fibrosis model


A University origin SME in northern Sweden offers a new pre-clinical model, the N-IF mouse, for testing new anti-fibrotic and anti-inflammatory drugs. The new model shortens and simplifies the tests and are also performing considerable better than the ones existing today. The SME is looking for commercial agreement or research partners that develops anti-fibrotic drugs or anti- inflammatory drugs. The partners can be pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies or high-level researchers at CROs.

24/04/2018 Medycyna

A Korean medical equipment company is offering endoscopic knives


A Korean medical equipment offers endoscopic knife which is manufactured in its own factory. This knife has the following functions: 1) Marking though solidification of mucous membrane 2) Incision around the mucous membrane 3) Dissection The company wishes to have a long-term partnership with distributor who has in-depth experience and professional knowledge in endoscopic treatment tools 

24/04/2018 Medycyna

Polish manufacturer of LED displays is seeking trade intermediaries


Polish company, producing LED displays for a multitude of applications and a wide range of clients across several different sectors, is currently seeking distributors and agents to market their products in Europe.

25/04/2018 Sprzęt elektroniczny i elektryczny

Spanish manufacturer of fast, efficient and versatile dehydrator for industrial drying of foodstuffs or other products seeks distribution, commercial and/or joint venture agreement


The spanish manufacturer, specialised in development, design, manufacturing and commercialization of convection dehydration machineries, has developed a new tunnel dehydrator for drying mainly foodstuff such as fruits, vegetables and meat at different loads and scale productions, being able to control all the key variables involved in the dehydration process, also allowing the operator to know when product reaches the aimed humidity.He looks for distribution,commercial or joint venture agreement

25/04/2018 Spożywcza