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An Armenian producer of natural care products is looking for distributors and agents


This Armenian company is specialized in production of natural care products. In particular, the company produces handmade soaps, hair, skin and body care products. The company is looking for distributors and agents.

08/05/2018 Chemia i kosmetyki/chemiczna

Swedish experimental interior design company combining psychology and design to offer future-oriented work environment solutions seeks services agreements


The Swedish company works as an experimental design laboratory that combines research and design to offer innovative solutions and interiors for the offices and work environments of the future. The company is looking to offer their design and consultancy solutions through a service agreement, as well as the opportunity to share their know-how and research through workshops or speaking opportunities at offices and for companies globally.

08/05/2018 Doradztwo i konsultacje, Materiały i usługi budowlane

Romanian manufacturer of decorative stone seeks international business partners to conclude distribution agreements.


A Romanian company specialises in the production of concrete and plaster decorative elements. The production is 100% manufactured in-house and products are registered as trade mark at European level. The company is interested in identifying business partners under distribution agreements.

09/05/2018 Materiały i usługi budowlane

Technology and equipment for high velocity sheet-metal forming


Belarus research institute offers technology and equipment for high velocity sheet-metal forming. Main advantages are high efficiency, convenient and safe energy source and the ability to control the shock wave shape. The institute is looking for industrial partners for manufacturing agreement, commercial agreement with technical assistance, services agreement.

10/05/2018 Metalowa

Flow Controller to prevent flooding and manage (waste) waterflows offered for distribution


Dutch specialist in the development, design and production of watertreatment and management systems has developed a flow controller. It is designed to limit the flow in overflow basins, surge basins and sewer systems (combined and rainwater) to a predefined, maximum capacity without using any electricity or moving parts. The company is offering a distribution services agreement or a manufacturing agreement to distributors, engineering firms and production companies of water treatment systems. 

11/05/2018 Środowisko/energia/ochrona środowiska

A Chinese company specialized in design and production of bag and luggage is looking for distributors


A Chinese company is engaged in R&D, sales of school bag and luggage, which owns several well-known brands. The main products of this company are children's bags, trolley case, leisure bags and other luggage products, which have been exported to hundreds of countries. In order to promote the sales to the EU countries, this company is looking for distributors in the EU and is offering a distribution services agreement.

11/05/2018 Tekstylia, ubrania, biżuteria

Advanced nano coating specialist of chemical vapor disposition (CVD) tungsten carbide coating from the UK, seeks technical and commercial partners


A UK company seeks technical or commercial agreements and/or R&D technical cooperation for its tungsten carbide CVD coatings. The coatings do what most traditional coatings can't: coat both internal and external surfaces, non-line-of-site areas, combing exceptional wear and corrosion resistance with toughness and ductility. Used on critical parts of oil and gas tools, pumps, valves, aircraft components and typically triple their service life in abrasive/erosive/corrosive conditions. 

14/05/2018 Chemia i kosmetyki/chemiczna

The Portuguese company which produces wood bathroom equipment is looking to establish a commercial agency and/ or a distribution services and/ or manufacturing agreement.


The Portuguese company which produces wood bathroom equipment unique in the market, either in its origin, design, and manufacturing, or in its dual characteristic feature/design. It is looking for partners to establish a commercial agency and/ or a distribution services and/ or manufacturing agreement.

14/05/2018 Materiały i usługi budowlane, Produkty drewniane, meble

Logistics management software powered by blockchain, artificial intelligence & machine-learning technology


A Singapore-based technology company has developed a logistics and supply chain management software that utilises blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to optimise and manage fleets. The company has a strong founding team of experts from the logistics industry and has an expansive partner network across South East Asia and Australia. It is keen to seek licensing or services partnerships with SMEs of any size or MNEs in the logistics or supply chain industries.

17/05/2018 Komputery i IT

Technology and equipment for production of porous material from polytetrafluoroethylene by laser ablation


Belarus research institute developed a method to produce porous material from polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). The material can be made in form of wool or felt. The advantages of high surface hydrophobicity, chemical and temperature resistance come from PTFE. Typical applications of material are filtration of toxic chemicals and medicine. The institute seeks cooperation under manufacturing agreement, commercial agreement with technical assistance or joint venture agreement.

17/05/2018 Chemia i kosmetyki/chemiczna

UK developer of children’s colour changing rainwear is looking for distributors and agents


A UK company who have developed a range of children’s outwear that changes colour in the rain is looking to grow their brand and work with distributors and agents in Europe. 

17/05/2018 Tekstylia, ubrania, biżuteria

Personalized 3 dimensional audio hologram for headphones


A Singapore MNE specializing in digital entertainment products has produced a binaural 3-dimensional (3D) audio hologram that can be personalized for each individual according to their parameters. The company is seeking licensing, research cooperation or commercial partnerships with SMEs of any sizes or MNEs.

17/05/2018 Sprzęt elektroniczny i elektryczny

A Turkish SME specialized in detecting materials on an airport taxiways offers their technology for commercial agreements


A Turkish SME is specialized in pattern recognition, image segmentation, robot vision, and deep learning and has substantial experience in detecting Foreign Object Debris (FOD) material that should not be found on an airport taxiways. The company is now looking for company partners for commercial agreements with technical assistance for further implementation and technical cooperation agreement. 

18/05/2018 Sektor morski, lotniczy

New customizable contact lenses to correct presbyopia


A Spanish research group and a Spanish company have developed a new multifocal scleral contact lens to compensate presbyopia which has the peculiarity of being optically customizable according to the specific needs of each patient. Some prototypes have been manufactured at laboratory level and they have been validated successfully in patients. Currently, CE marking is being processed. Companies interested in licensing agreement or commercial agreement with technical assistance are sought.

21/05/2018 Medycyna

UK-based SME offers its novel technology for reducing production costs for insoluble fermentation products to companies under a licensing agreement or technical cooperation


A UK-based SME has developed a technology that enables insoluble lipids, in particular biosurfactants, to be recovered continuously during fermentation processes reducing production costs. The SME is offering this technology to companies that produce or use insoluble fermentation products, in particular biosurfactants. It is envisaged that the partnership will take the form of a licensing agreement or a technical cooperation agreement where appropriate.

21/05/2018 Rolnictwo