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French SME laying soft cast floor mats looking for supplier of rubber granulates


A French SME designing and manufacturing outdoor children and sports playgrounds made of soft cast floor mats using ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber (EPDM) granulates is looking for new suppliers of such granulates with full guarantee on their low environmental impact. It is interested by an outsourcing agreement

15/05/2018 Chemia i kosmetyki/chemiczna

Dutch starter in fashion retail is searching for children’s clothing brands in the frame of a distribution services agreement 


Dutch entrepreneur is starting a new business as a fashion retailer for children’s clothing. He is searching for children’s clothing brands for boys and girls between the age of 4 and 12 years in de middle and higher segment. The potential partners are based in Italy, Spain or France. A distribution services agreement is provided.

18/05/2018 Tekstylia, ubrania, biżuteria

Greek IT repairs company looking for similar or complementary services or products with competitive advantages for introducing them in the Greek market


A small Greek IT repairs company is looking for new market opportunities. The company would like to introduce new services or products related to the IT sector as well as to collaborate with similar companies for providing repairs. The range of services or products is wide enough to include many proposals as long as these proposals would have a clear market advantage. The company is looking for a distribution services agreement.

30/05/2018 Komputery i IT

Food importer company from Armenia offers distribution services


An Armenian company which imports food products, is well known in Armenian market. The company is looking for distribution services agreements with producers and distributors of frozen meat (beef, pork, poultry), pasta and grain. 

08/05/2018 Spożywcza

Technical partner sought for production of smart radiator valves


A Brussels based company operating since 2015 develops smart programmable radiator valves and is looking for a technical partner to improve production volume. The partner sought is a company with experience in manufacturing of electronic printed circuit boards (PCB) as original equipment manufacturer (OEM). The company would like to develop collaboration under a manufacturing agreement or a technical collaboration agreement. 

17/05/2018 Sprzęt elektroniczny i elektryczny

Greek IT company looking for wi-fi products or services with competitive advantages for representing them in the Greek market


A small Greek IT company is interested to enter the commercial market of the country with Wi-fi products or services. These should have competitive advantages. The company is open to examine proposals from abroad for various types of products or services as long as these would have high market prospects, customers acceptance and extending the client's needs. The partnership sought is distribution services agreement. 

25/05/2018 Komputery i IT

Belgian company interested in non-prime, secondary carbon steel products and tinplate


The international company, based in Belgium, is searching for long-term partners that can provide 2nd, 3rd, 4th choice/non-prime/overrolling carbon steel products, tinplate and wire to use as resource for their non-prime steel end-products. They are looking for a partnership with steel mills or stockholders. If only short-term agreements are possible, this will also be taken under consideration.

27/04/2018 Metalowa

German physiotherapist is looking for peat/mud packs with special shape through manufacturing agreement


A German physiotherapist, with long standing experience, is looking for peat/mud packs with a special shape for his clients. He would like to buy these moor/mud packages from a producer and is willing to close a manufacturing agreement.

04/05/2018 Medycyna

Italian manufacturing SME searches for a knitting house located in Greece able to supply technical fleece fabric under manufacturing agreement.


An Italian SME produces innovative certified protective knitted fabrics, technical textiles and textile accessories; they combine flame resistant, hi-visibility, antistatic, arc flash protection and antibacterial properties for professional, technical and sports applications. The SME is now enlarging its client base and needs new suppliers of specific technical fleece fabrics located in Greece. The company offers a medium to long term manufacturing agreement.

25/05/2018 Tekstylia, ubrania, biżuteria

Greek company offering an innovative warehousing and logistics operations system is looking for new partners under commercial agreement with technical assistance


A Greek company which is currently offering an innovative warehousing and logistics operations system, is looking to extend its network abroad by finding new partners under commercial agreement with technical assistance. The company has successfully outperformed to some of the best competitive warehouse management systems on the market, offering enterprise-scale true adaptability and flexibility. Their system has been successfully integrated with major enterprise resource planning. 

30/04/2018 Komputery i IT, Transport/logistyka

Supercavitational sterilizer


Ukrainian researchers have developed a supercavitational sterilizer for reagentless decontamination of sewage from bacteria, helminth eggs and fungi. Apparatus was implemented in the form of working section of a pipeline, a circulation pump and a re-circulating circuit. At single processing, a degree of decontamination of 86% was achieved. Partners needed for creating a consortium, carrying out additional research, launching the technology to the market.License selling possible.

30/04/2018 Pojazdy i maszyny/maszynowa

Ukrainian researchers looking for technical cooperation, license selling or manufacturer agreement for their innovative supercavitational evaporator


A team of Ukrainian researchers has carried out investigations and designed a compact supercavitation evaporator for water. Productivity of one evaporation chamber, depending on the degree of degassing of the cavity, is from 2 to 6 m3/h. Evaporator is intended for sea water distillation and for water treatment. Partners are needed for creation of a consortium, carrying out additional research, promoting the technology to the market. Possible license selling, technological maintenance etc.

30/04/2018 Środowisko/energia/ochrona środowiska

Chromate free smart release corrosion inhibitor technology seeks application partnerships within paints/primers and coatings sector.


A UK SME working in the field of environmentally responsive coatings, has developed a smart release ‘on demand' corrosion inhibitor technology delivering superior performance and regulatory benefits. The technology offers a chromate free surface coating suited to aerospace/aircraft and automotive applications. They seek partnerships under a commercial agreement with technical assistance with organisations where long term corrosion protection is a fundamental requirement. 

03/05/2018 Tekstylia, ubrania, biżuteria

Production of non-chemical color, natural colors


A Bosnian company has developed advanced non-chemical, natural colors that can be used on wood: spray, roller, brush, immersion. The partners sought are companies interested in commercial agreement with technical assistance, financial agreement and research cooperation agreement. 

04/05/2018 Chemia i kosmetyki/chemiczna

Final development and commercialisation of a UK-developed frictionless braking system


A UK product development company has developed a novel frictionless hydraulic braking system with kinetic energy recovery. Unlike conventional braking systems it does not introduce particulates into the environment like copper, cast-iron and brake pad material into the air which are major health hazard worldwide. The company is looking to cooperate with engineering and equipment manufacture companies for final development and commercialization via license or technical cooperation.

04/05/2018 Pojazdy i maszyny/maszynowa